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1. Normal espresso machines are not portable, require electricity and very expensive.
2. Espresso is not available in many outdoor locations, at work or hotels. 

COFFEEJACK™ can extract a double shot espresso in any location without using pods, consumables or electricity. It is lightweight, portable and offers up to 80% saving from coffee shops.

Other portable espresso machines extract at lower pressures, resulting in a poor extraction. COFFEEJACK™ uses a unique micro-hydraulic technology coupled with 9 Bar pressure regulation to achieve the high pressure required for true espresso.


Over 20,000 COFFEEJACK users across 157 Countries

FREE Worldwide Shipping (+ VAT Included)

These packages are designed to offer the ultimate preparation & extraction setup at home, whilst offering portability for a 'grab and go' experience when using elsewhere. Only the COFFEEJACK machine is required within the travel case for lightweight travel.

D. Balcaen, Canada

"It is a ten out of ten portable espresso maker. I have had five others as I like good coffee when travelling."
Using Coffeejack

"Time to taste the change..."

  • Barista Quality Espresso

  • Up to 80% cost saving

  • Same Pressure as Commercial Espresso Machine

  • 9 Bar Pressure Regulation System

  • Use any Flavour Grind unlike Pod Machines

  • Environmentally Friendly


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Ultimate Travel & Camping Package (limited stock)

Have you ever thought about taking a full size espresso machine on your outdoor adventure? No? Well it hasnt exactly been practical....until now!

Our Ultimate Travel package is design for those wanting to make high quality espresso in any location without the need for electricity. Not only that, it caters for up to four people!

Lightweight, robust, & water resistant: This package contains a variety of premium espresso equipment.

 Click below to see just how much is included!

Not what you're looking for? We have a number of smaller package options available below :)

Why Espresso?

Espresso is the main attribute for almost all coffee varieties (Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso Martini etc). Simply use COFFEEJACK to create the espresso and experiment with new flavours! 

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Prepared Coffee Pods.jpg

Meal prep? It's time to coffee prep..."?

We offer a range of accessories to make daily routines hassle free. Whether its simply preparing for the working day or the next big adventure, we've got you covered!

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Live to Entertain


Coffeejack Technology

High pressure is key to making barista standard espresso. COFFEEJACK matches the pressure of a large commercial electric espresso machine (9 Bar+) resulting in exceptional taste quality.

Double Shot

COFFEEJACK is able to process a full double shot espresso, producing a richer flavour. It uses no pods, filters or consumables meaning a variety of coffee grind can be used.


COFFEEJACK is one of the most portable espresso makers in the world. It is lightweight making COFFEEJACK perfect for travelling.

Weight: 232g or 0.51lbs

Size: 116mm x 90mm or 4.56” x 3.54”

Hand Powered

No electricity required for extraction. Simply add hot water and pump over a glass/cup to extract espresso. COFFEEJACK uses micro-hydraulic technology to create higher pressure for a given input force. Unlike other portable coffee makers, this means it can process a larger amount of grind, at 9Bar+ using hand power alone.

Extract directly over a mug or use a stand for smaller glasses

Place over cup or use elevation stand for small/fragile glasses

All components in COFFEEJACK have been tested to limits way beyond their operating range. COFFEEJACK has been designed so that components are serviceable. This ensures reliability and reduced environmental footprint, being the forefront of our design philosophy.

Reliable Technology

COFFEEJACK can be operated to replicate advanced techniques used by professional Baristas such as:

Pre-Infusion: Soaking the coffee puck prior to applying full pressure. This prevents 'channeling' which can result in a poor quality extraction.

Pre-Heating: COFFEEJACK is designed to retain heat using its highly insulated body, coupled with a singular source heat sink. This ensures the espresso remains hot.

Advanced  Extraction

Pressure Regulation

COFFEEJACK contains a 9 Bar Pressure Regulation Valve which prevents over pressure extraction. This unique valve provides higher quality extraction and prevents any acidic and bitter taste. This technology is used in commercial espresso machines.


There is a range of accessories available for home use and travel.

High Quality Espresso

"Engineering is our passion, coffee is our indulgence!"

Ash Signiture.png

The name ‘COFFEEJACK’ was inspired by the use of a hydraulic car ‘jack’. We discovered that using hydraulics provided the same extraction pressure as large, expensive air compression machines. Harnessing this technology allowed us to invent a small, portable machine that uses no electricty.

Coffeejack History.jpg

9 Bar Pressure Regulation
(Technology used in Commercial Espresso Machines)

The pressure regulation valve sets the pressure at 9bar, perfect for espresso


Causes poor extraction and bitter taste

High quality extraction and
better taste experience

Better Taste & Extraction Quality

Optimised Safety


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