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Customer safety and satisfaction is priority.

COFFEEJACK™ has undergone years of vigorous research and development resulting in a robust design, capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature. The correct use of COFFEEJACK™ will ensure longevity of components and the ability to produce great espresso for years to come.



Ensure the Basket is Fully Secured

The basket must complete a full 1/4 rotation before locking in its useable position. This is the point at which the basket will no longer rotate anti-clockwise.


Using COFFEEJACK with a partially locked basket could cause damage to the bayonets and/or compromise sealing required for high pressure extraction.


Control Pump Speed

If the Pressure Relief Valve actuates there will be an audible 'squeaking' sound. This is an indicator to reduce the pump speed immediately.

Control the up and down pumping action with the palm of your hand. This should be a slow and steady process in both directions.

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Ensure Grind Level & Tamp Force is Correct


The grind level must be approx. 5-7mm from the top edge of the basket rim, this will prevent over restricting the basket. It will also avoid damage whilst attaching the basket to the main body. 


Tamping too hard will over restrict the basket. This could cause poor extraction or component damage.


Pre-Infuse before Extraction

This important step prevents 'channeling' which can result in a poor quality extraction.

How to Pre-Infuse: Pump down and hold for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this process until espresso begins to exit the bottom of the basket. Then, increase the pump rate and there will be a noticeable increase in back pressure. Slow, controlled pumps from this point forward will create the perfect espresso.


Do not use COFFEEJACK with fragile or unstable mugs/glasses without the use of a COFFEEJACK Elevation Stand. Failure to do so could result in mug/glass damage or spillage of boiling water. Our elevation stand removes all loading force from mugs/glasses and also enables easy storage (available on website).

Do not over-restrict the basket. This could result in seal failure or component damage when repetitively exceeding the cracking force of the Pressure Relief Valve.

Allow glass to momentarily cool after extraction to prevent injury.

Do not travel without protecting COFFEEJACK in a safe and secure case.

Fully remove handle before filling with hot water to prevent spillage.

Always use COFFEEJACK with the funnel in position. Failure to do so could result in spillage of boiling water.

Do not damage the sealing edge of the basket. The smooth surface is essential to maintaining a high pressure seal.

Do not fill water above the bottom edge of the water funnel.

Do not hold the glass whilst securing and/or removal of the basket.

Pump only when COFFEEJACK is rested securely on the rim of a strong mug/glass or Elevation Stand (available on website).

Allow COFFEEJACK to cool before trying to secure and/or remove the basket. Failure to do so could result in injury from residual hot water within the grind.

Keep away from children.

Avoid leaving the machine unattended during use.

Inspect the machine before use and make sure there is no damage.

If the pressure regulator valve activates (audible sound), reduce pump speed to lower extraction pressure.

Only pour water in the reservoir. Never press the piston if the portafilter is not properly locked and tightened.

Do not try to remove the basket during usage.

The machine should be used in conditions between 5°C and 50°C (41°F and 122°F), and under normal atmospheric pressure conditions (from 0 to 3000m altitude).

Do not use the machine for any other purpose than instructed. COFFEEJACK would decline all responsibility in event of misuse.

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