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The COFFEEJACK™ Portable Espresso Machine creates a barista quality, double shot espresso (14g) in any location. It's hand powered, using no electricity or pods for the extraction process. Any bean variety can be used offering limitless experimentation!




1 x COFFEEJACK™ Portable Espresso Machine

1 x COFFEEJACK™ Distributer & Tamper with Travel Case

1 x COFFEEJACK™ Elevation Stand

1 x COFFEEJACK™ PODCASE with 3 x Fresh-Lock Baskets

1 x COFFEEJACK™ Preparation Mat

1 x COFFEEJACK™ Dosing Funnel

1 x COFFEEJACK™ Puck Screen

1 x COFFEEJACK™ Grind Measuring Scoop & Bag Seal Clip

1 x COFFEEJACK™ Double Walled Glass (250ml)

1 x FREE COFFEEJACK™ Protective Travel Case

1 x FREE Fresh-Lock Portafilter Basket

Presentation Box, Instructions & Maintainence guide.





Serious about coffee? Then this is the package for you!


This package is tailored for those looking to achieve the highest quality espresso extraction at home, work or outdoors. The COFFEEJACK™ DUAL Distributer & Tamper prevents puck channeling by evenly distributing the grind and ensures a repeatable, precise tamp compression. After all, puck preparation is key! The COFFEEJACK™ Elevation Stand enables the user to adjust pump rate accordingly to achieve a smooth and constant flow rate. This is essential to achieve barista quality espresso with an outstanding taste sensation. It also enables use of a wide variety of mugs, fragile glasses and even bowls for entertaining guests with an authentic Italian Afogatto ;) When you're leaving home, simply place the COFFEEJACK™ machine in the EVA protective case and you're good to go...


The FREE COFFEEJACK™ travel case comes with a Fresh-Lock portafilter basket meaning two pucks can be prepared in advance of your day ahead. This saves time when coffee is needed the most.



Puck Preparation (before or after leaving home)


1. Dosing grind is made simple using the stainless steel measuring scoop. Simply attach to beans/grind after use to maintain freshness.


2. 2-4 rotations of the DUAL Distributer followed by a simple tamp and the perfect puck is ready!


3. Place onto the COFFEEJACK™ Machine and/or attach Fresh-lock lid for later use.


Simply add hot water and pump by hand at home or at the top of a mountain! Wherever the location...


Relax and Enjoy.



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  • The COFFEEJACK™ Portable Espresso Machine is the worlds smallest, manual portable espresso maker able to extract barista standard espresso, in any location.

    COFFEEJACK uses Micro-Hydraulic Technology to match the extraction pressure of a full size commercial coffee machine. Simply pump by hand to create the high pressure needed to extract authentic, high quality espresso.

    The espresso can be enjoyed alone or mixed to make a wide selection of different drinks such as: Latte, Americano, Flat White, Cappuccino, Mocha, Doppio, Affogato, Cortado, Con Panna, Macchiato.

    ☑ Extracts Barista Standard Double Shot Espresso (up to 14g)

    ☑ 9 Bar Pressure Regulation System

    ☑ Easy Clean

    ☑ Pre-infusion Enabled

    ☑ Portable for use in any location

    ☑ Hand Powered

    ☑FSA Approved Materials: Food Safe Plastics and Stainless Steel


    Material: Stainless Steel & FSA Approved Engineering Composites.

    Weight: 232g
    Size: 116mm x 90mm

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