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Sep 16, 2022
In General Discussion
Hi. Lifelong fan of great coffee since my first trip to Europe in 1975. I fell in love with Espresso. I have worn out two handpresso machines and thought to give this one a try for coffee when I travel. I like a lighter more flavourful bean than Starbucks uses. Favourite bean: lightly roasted Tanzania Pea Berry. If too light, almost undrinkable but man, what flavour!! Brag list: Rancillio Silvia Pro, on my third LaPavoni Professional, and an older ISOMAC in need of a new control board. They all make great coffee. Roaster is a Hottop. (you do roast your own beans, don't you?) Coffee Snob index - a solid 10 of 10. Only a couple of my equally snobbish friends even bother to offer me a cup of coffee.


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